Zhang Research Laboratory


Dr. Zhang Li is looking for Hong Kong Scholars (香江學者), Post-doc, PhD students

with a background in robotics, automation, materials science,

physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering, nanotechnology, bioengineering, or related areas.

Please send your CV to Dr. Zhang Li (lizhang@mae.cuhk.edu.hk)

if you are interested in doing research or R&D related to micro-/nanorobotics and systems

and would like to be a member of his team.

PhD student 博士生

Our research group always recruit PhD students to conduct cross-disciplinary research. Students holding bachelor's or master's degree with background in materials science, nanotechnology, bioengineering, mechanical/automation/robotics, physics, chemistry, biomedical engineering or related areas are welcome to apply. Student with high quality journal publication or with related experimental or modelling experience will be advantageous.



(1) Postdoctoral Fellow 博士後 (PhD)

(2) Research Assistant 研究助理 (MPhil/MSc/BSc)


(i) 材料學:用於驅動、傳感和微納機械人的功能材料,例如生物材料、水凝膠、3D打印、軟體機械人和相關技術
(ii) 控制及系統:磁控系統、算法及UI的開發
(iii) 生物醫學:多尺度機械人醫療應用,如無創醫療介入技術、膠囊內窺鏡技術、植入式裝置和病原體檢測同時也歡迎來自不同領域,包括理科、工科和交叉學科的專才

(i) Material Science: Functional materials for actuation, sensing and micro-/nanorobots, such as biomaterials, hydrogels, 3D printing, soft robots and the related technologies.
(ii) Control and System: Development of magnetic control system, algorithm and UI
(iii) Biomedicine: Biomedical applications of multi-scale robotics, such as non-invasive medical intervention technology, capsule endoscopic technology, implantable devices and pathogen detection.Also welcomes candidates from different fields, including science, engineering and interdisciplinary research.

Materials Chemistry or Processing, Biosensing and Biochemistry 材料科學、生物檢測和生物化學
(Degree in Chemistry, Material Science, Biomedical Engineering, Biology, Biological Science or related disciplines)

Focuses on micro-/nanorobotics, functional nanomaterials and their biomedical applications, particularly in pathogen sensing. The group has tight collaboration with the Institute of Digestive Disease (IDD) and the Department of Microbiology of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). The media report of a recent collaboration can be found in the link below:


Experience in development of biomedical device/instrumentation and/or related industrial experience will be advantageous.